The Classroom DJ – Help Needed


I hope everyone’s school year is off to a great start and everyone is getting back in the swing of things.

Over the past few months, I have been working on an app I was hoping to release prior to the school year but just wasn’t able to get it completed in time.

The good news is that it is almost ready. Like within the next week.

But before I launch the app, I was hoping to get about 3-4 volunteers to help me test drive it and give me some feedback and mention any issues he/she may come across.

Here is a quick rundown from the FAQs that I have created:

Can I ask what this app is all about?

Sure…thanks for asking. Very simply, this app is all about making the classroom interactive and fun for everyone. Launch the app and watch your students stay involved all day long as they become the “Classroom DJ”.

How does it work?

Once all the necessary information is entered, selected and configured into the app by the teacher (more on this in a minute), the app is now ready for use. Ranging from 1 button to 30 buttons, the screen will display the buttons as interactive images, that when clicked by the mouse (or tapped on a SMART board), will begin to play music.

Check out the image below of a screen with 5 images/buttons:






Imagine that being projected onto your SMART Board. You assign little Billy the duty of being the “Classroom DJ” for the week. When you give him the nod, he walks over to the screen and taps the Science picture and “Bill Nye the Science Guy” theme song starts playing (or whatever song you have chosen). The rest of the students immediately know what that means and they start getting ready for their science lesson or line up at the door to head to the Science lab. It’s the perfect way to transition your students from one lesson to the next.


If you are willing to help out, please shoot me an email at:

Here are some reasons you should help:

  1. You will be one of the first to try the new app
  2. You will receive a free copy of the app
  3. I will mention your name and blog (so if you are new to the blog scene and hoping to gain more followers, this would be a great opportunity)
  4. I think it is really neat and can’t wait to share with everyone
  5. I have other apps I plan to release in the future and you will be provided free copies of those as well

Thanks everyone and looking forward to working with you!!



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