Personalized Playlists for All Occasions

So it has been almost two years that I have been posting “School oriented” playlists for teachers, educators and whoever else has requested them. For the most part, I think you guys have been enjoying it as I still get a nice amount of traffic to this site on a daily basis (even though I have been slacking a bit and not actually posting any original material).

I started thinking about what I could do to make this site more useful to teachers. I am sure there are plenty of more ideas that I will come up with over the next few months/years, but that’s not exactly what I was getting at.

What if I branched out a bit and made my passion of creating the perfect playlist to not just teachers, but to everyone?
Does that mean you are taking this site down? Absolutely not!
Does that mean you are changing the site from to ummm..No.
So what does this mean? Well nothing really at this point, but what I am interested in seeing is if there is a need for other types of playlists. Not just school oriented playlists.

Think about all the different events in everyone’s life that there is a need for an amazing playlist. Wedding showers, Baby showers, Graduations parties, happy hours, workouts, Spinning classes, Road trips, you get the point. Every good occasion needs good music. I have been to too many events where there either was NO music being played or really bad music being played. It makes all the difference.

Here are a few questions you are probably asking right now:
1. Why would I need you to come up with a playlist when I can just do it myself? Go for it, but when you are sitting there for hours trying to think of that song with that really catchy whistle that Ellen was dancing to for the Oscars promo last year and can’t remember for the life of you, just stop back and let me know.

2. Why would I need you to come up with a playlist when I can just do it myself? Wait you just asked that question, but let me answer it another way….who has time to do this? I will always find time to put together songs for my friends and family whenever they ask. It is an addiction that I have.

3. Why would I need you to come up with a playlist when I can just go to Spotify and grab one of their suggested playlists? OK you got me there. I love going to those lists for suggestions as well. Sometimes those lists are spot on and sometimes they completely miss. But what if you want to put together music for your 25 year High School Reunion or someone asks you to put songs together for their son’s 3rd Birthday party that is having a Pirate theme. Sometimes you may need a bit of extra help.

Some of you might read this and think, just stick to making playlists for the classroom. But if any of you are ever in the need of a specific set of songs for a specific occasion or if you are just looking for catchy new songs that you might not hear on the radio, PLEASE let me know. Or if you know someone who think this would be a good idea, please pass it along!

By the way, that catchy song that Ellen was dancing to was:

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