More Transitions Songs and other morning jams…

I received a request from Whitney on the Request Line:

I’m a fifth grade teacher. Could you post a playlist for small group transitions. I play Celebration currently, but we are all growing tired of it. Also, if you have any more morning/end of the day song ideas I would love to hear them.


I decided to put together 12 different songs for this playlist. Not knowing too much about your classroom, I opted to choose 3 songs from the ’60s, 70s, 80s and from the past few years. You will probably know most of these songs, but I figure they are all catchy where your students will learn them real quick.

As far as the morning/end of day songs, if I was a teacher, I know I would be playing any and all songs each morning and afternoon. Instead of just songs that had to do with morning or sunshine or goodbyes and leaving, I would force my students to listen to my favorite artists. Here is a short 10 song playlist of some of my favorite songs/artists of current music. On a side note…all lyrics have been looked over and seem appropriate for all ages.


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