Don’t Laugh At Me!

I came across this song awhile back and thought it would be a good one to share with the teachers. It’s called “Don’t Laugh At Me.”

Pretty catchy song, but probably because I am a big fan of Brett Dennen (Listen to him on Spotify. He has some great jams. Comeback Kid, Sydney, Make Me Crazy…)

Anyways, back in 2003 Brett wrote and performed the majority of the songs on this album “Children’s Songs for Peace and a Better World”. Brett is a part of an non-profit organization called “The Mosaic Project”, that is worth checking out.

The song was actually written by Steve Seskin and was part of his story book called “Don’t Laugh at Me”. It might be a good read for your students, followed by playing this song.

Let me know if anyone has heard this song before or used it in your classroom.

For the country fans out there, Mark Willis also has his version of this song:


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