Time for First Giveaway!

About two weeks ago, I advised that when I got to 60 total followers on this blog, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (likes), I would hold my first giveaway.

Well, it is finally time! 60 total followers/likes. Thanks everyone!

So here’s the deal:

I will be giving away a $10 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers. In order to be eligible, you must complete the following:

1) You must be a follower of this blog (Pretty simple to do…on the homepage, enter your email address and click follow). If you already are a follower, well then you are that much closer to the gift card.

2) You must head over to the Suggestion Box and tell everyone what is your favorite song to use in the classroom. It can be anything. Just leave a comment and let everyone else get an idea of what you love to play for your students.

3) That’s it and that’s all.

So basically if you currently follow this blog, make sure you head over to the Suggestion Box and leave a comment. If you don’t, you won’t be eligible to win the gift card.

The giveaway will expire next Sunday night March 24th and the winner will be announced on Monday March 25th. Unfortunately, I am not able to use Rafflecopter or any other of the giveaway widgets on WordPress, so ultimately I will pick a random number to decide who wins the prize. Good luck everyone and thanks again for helping me get this blog started!

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