Friday Fun

After months and months of my one year old son hearing me play the song below, he finally got the hang of it and began singing along.
As soon as he hears the opening notes, he begins yelling out, “Ha” or “Ho”. It couldn’t be cuter.

I figured I would post my favorite song of 2012 and share it with everyone. At this point, you have probably heard it on the radio as it has begun playing on most stations, but if you have not, then enjoy this 2 minute 43 second gem. In fact, why don’t you let your whole class enjoy and make this your weekly Friday “Enjoy the Weekend” song.

The Lumineers – Ho Hey
Buy on iTunes | Lyrics

On a side note…this album is also amazing. Go buy this album on iTunes here or even better…go to Spotify and listen to the whole thing for free!!!

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