Another morning melody…

I heard this song on the radio this morning. You may not recognize it by who sings it or the name of it, but odds are you know it once you click play. A classic song that it a great way to get the day started.
And if you and your students make it all the way through the song, Bill holds the one note for 18 seconds long. Your kids should have fun either counting to 18 or trying to sing for 18 seconds straight.

Bill Withers-Lovely Day
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

2 thoughts on “Another morning melody…

  1. hi
    when i click on the ‘morning’ link (or any other), nothing opens. I’m using a MAC-does it matter? what a cool website! my students love trans music to get from morning work to morning meeting and I’m looking for a new piece of music. I’d been using the theme from Jeopardy and since it’s a new year we’re all ready for something new.

    Also, I assume all the songs’ lyrics have been ‘vetted’ for child-appropriateness-that’s the weak link in my song search!

    • Hi Susan,
      I just opened up the website and clicked the link that you mentioned as was directed right to the page. not sure why it isn’t working for you. i have never had anyone using a mac have any issues in the past. Here is the direct URL to that page:

      And yes…all the songs have been looked over to make sure they are “school appropriate”
      Thanks for stopping by the site.

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