A few things…

Hello everyone!

As I keep adding playlist and songs to this site, I realized it was getting difficult to keep track of where to find the songs. I added another category to the Songs menu to help organize all Holiday songs/playlists that are mentioned. Hopefully this will make it easier to find them down the road.

In addition, I have added a new menu category called the “Suggestion Box”. Pretty straight forward, but really I want to hear what music you are playing for your students. This will be the location to share your songs. Make sure you come back often to see what others are adding to the list. Ideally, as songs are mentioned, I will add them to the appropriate category.

And last but not least, here is another song to potentially play on Fridays with your students. Odds are, they will be clapping and stomping in no time. Just make sure you play this song as they are leaving or else you will have some rowdy kids on hand. Enjoy!

Queen-We Will Rock You
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

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